Donors—July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

A Legacy of Generosity

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to our generous donors for their continued support of CII’s mission to help children in Los Angeles’s most challenged communities heal from the trauma of family and community violence, build the confidence and skills necessary to break through the barriers of poverty and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives.

“Saving one child, just one child, is an immeasurable, incomparable contribution. Saving thousands the way Children’s Institute does is the next closest thing to godliness I know.”
– Charles P. Diamond, Chairman of the Board

  • Mattel
  • Junior League of Los Angeles
  • Whole Foods
  • CII Prom Event

$1,000,000 and Above

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
The Otis Booth Foundation


The Gores Foundation
The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation
Weingart Foundation


Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation
The C.H.I.P.S.
The Eisner Foundation
Alec Gores
John W. Carson Foundation
Les Amies
Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Robert H. Tuttle Charitable Lead Trust


Alliance for Children’s Rights
Catherine and Robert Beyer
Bijan Designer for Men
The Burton G. Bettingen Corporation
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Holly and Thomas T. Gores
Bridget Gless Keller and Paul Keller
Vera R. Campbell Foundation
Rochelle Gores Fredston and David Fredston


Adventures in Learning
The Autry Foundation
Suzanne D. Booth
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Allison and Adam Checchi
Chuck and Lauren Diamond
Claudia and William Gerstner
Herbalife Family Foundation
Justin Dart Family Foundation
Travis B. and Thomas Kranz
Mattel Children’s Foundation
Mari and James P. McAlister
Christine and Richard G. Newman
Carole and Barry Patmore and family
QueensCare Charitable Division


Susan C. Adamson and Stephen Adamson
Allstate Insurance Company
Annenberg Foundation
BNY Mellon
The Bandai Foundation
The Beal Foundation
Bergen Foundation
Christine and Gabriel Chiu
The Colleagues
Mary Alice Haney Davidov and Thomas Davidov
Kate and Adam Fishbach
Bobbie Foreman
Janet and Michael Fourticq
The Fran & Ray Stark Foundation
George Hoag Family Foundation
Ahmad and Haleh Gramian
Molly Hall
Henry and Arline Gluck Foundation
Lauren Gores Ireland and Jake Ireland
The John & Marilyn Wells Family Foundation
Sally and Paul R. Kanin
Leonetti O’Connell Family Foundation
Suzanne Marx and Dr. Gary Tearston
Scott Miller
Jill and Eric Olofson
Stuart Peterson
Barbara and David Rognlien
Jacqui and Todd J. Rosen
Keitha Russell
SoCal Office Technologies
Kathleen M. Vanderziel
Christine and Jeffrey Weller


Adam S. and Emily Bold
City National Bank
Communities Foundation of Texas
Credit Suisse
Gerald and Carla Du Manoir
Georgianna Erskine
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Nancy Jane and Mark Goldston
Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation
Green Hasson Janks
Teddy Greenspan
Manuela Herzer
Helene and Richard Irvin
Jessie Barker McKellar Foundation
Janet Jones
Caroline Kuperstock
K. John and Sharon Lee
Monique Lhuillier and Tom Bugbee
Neiman Marcus Group
Barclay and Susan Perry
Amber and Richard Sakai
Saks Fifth Avenue, Beverly Hills
The Sirpuhe & John Conte Foundation
Julia Sorkin
Stephanie Sourapas
Barbera Hale Thornhill
Toyota Financial Services – Corporate Legal
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment


Allison M. Agsten
Kim Allen-Niesen
Cecelia and J. Jeffrey Assaf
Audrey and Sydney Irmas Charitable
Elizabeth Bailey
Daniel E. and Roxanne Benjamin
Jessica and Ryan Berry
Danielle Braverman
Jill Bucksbaum
CCS Fundraising
Shirley Cabeen
Louise Casey
Gia Lauren Casty
Michelle and Eric Chaves
Checchi Capital Advisers, LLC
Mary C. and David Collins
Sharmila Daryanani-McGowan and Brian McGowan
Gretchen and Matthew DiNapoli
Stephen Drake
Alexandra and Joseph Dwek
Julie and Robert Edelstein
Elbridge & Evelyn Stuart Foundation
Richard and Suzanne H. Farman
First 5 LA
Alan Franco
Lisa and Bruce Garratt
Tracey Gluck
Marcia Wilson Hobbs
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
Roma and Harish Khetarpal
Anita Ko
Laurie N. La Shelle and Robert D. Kerslake
John Levi
Pamela Skaist Levy and Jeff Levy
Dave Leyrer
Lauren and Brad Lundy
MGM Inc.
Murdoch and Leslie Mackillop
The Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg Foundation
Deborah Maynes
Joyce McGilvray
Dreux McNairy
Galo Medina
Manijeh Messa
Katherine and Andrew Meyer
Bradley N. Myslinski and Ilona Casellini
Nancy and Douglas Padnos
Paramount Pictures
Suzanne Patmore-Gibbs and Stuart Gibbs
Katie Pechersky and Bassem Hamdy
Ryan J. Perry
Wolfgang and Gelila Puck
The Rebecca Susan Buffett Foundation
Nina Revoyr
Bryan Reynolds
Heather Robinson and Josh Greene
Patricia Rosenfeld
Leslie Anne Ross
Vera Rubin
Emily Ruddo
Spencer Rudin
Eugene Sadovoy
Aly and Yonatin Sakin
Carolyn and Jeremy Shapiro
Kara and Brad Slater
South Los Angeles Child Welfare Initiative
Tom B. Speet
Leigh Stein McNamara and Joseph McNamara
Stephen Philibosian Foundation
David Sternfeld
Surdna Foundation
Richard M. Swartz
Thrasher Family
John and Jacqueline Tishbi
Stefanie Trenholme
Kavita and Vishal Vanjani
Cathy H. and Andrew W. Watts
Liane and Richard Weintraub
Wells Fargo Foundation
Philip Winik
Wonderful Giving


1st Century Bank
Jane and Stephen Ackerman
Charlotte Acret
Gregory Andrews
The Anonymoose Foundation
Baldwin Park Counseling
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Barbara W. Barnes
Fay and Lester Bass
Carla Bate
Barbara D. and Michael Black
Milan Blagojevic
Barbara and Alan C. Bleier
Loren Booth
Vanessa Botshekan
Jayne Brandonisio
Jeff and Lindsey Burgee
Burning Torch
Jill W. Cartter
Jeffrey and Ellen Catania
Charity Partners Foundation
Charity Storage, Inc.
Alan and Susan Cohen
Daniel Cole
The County Counsel Dependency Division
Jody Crabtree
Carol Cromwell
Elizabeth Dinkel
Daniel Drake
Nicole Adamson Duda
John and Julie Eidsvoog
Employee’s Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman (ECHO)
Victor Erland
Nancy A. and R.D. Esbenshade
Cara L. and Joseph Esposito
Valerie Evans
Fidelity Charitable
Rachel Fong
Erin Foster
David and Susan Fractor
Kathy Franklin
Susan Fredston-Hermann and Eric Hermann
David Fry
Flo Fulton
Sharilyn Gant
Jane Gerings
Jane and Ronald Gibbs
John E. Gietzen
Tami Goldman and Jonathan Blenner
Scott K. Gregory
Jaega Haralambus
Laura Hein
Michael and Juliet Helft
Carlyn Henry
Lydia Hervatin
David Hibbert
David Hilton
Katie Holthouse
Ashley Holzer
Stacey L. Hoppe
Virginia G. Jackson
Joseph L. and Kari Juarez
Elena F. and Steve Kandell
Jessica Kantor
Jesse Tyre Karp
Courtney Kassel
Eric Kaufman
Keenan & Associates Employees
Keller Williams Realty – Hollywood
Kirkeby Foundation
David Klein
Julie Koning
Caroline M. Kunitz
Dawn Lafitte
Bernard Lee
Lighthouse Career Encourage USA Corp
Mark Linao
Eva Lino
Michael K. Lindsey
Jean-Pierre Lomonaco
Eric London
Karyn Lovegrove
Elizabeth E. Manville
Carrie Mapes
Maxner Real Estate
Susan McComas and Hayden Scott McComas
Joseph and Laurie McMenamin
Rebecca Megerdichian
Jamie Meyer
Barbara and Anthony Miceli
Shannon A. Millard
Heang Ja Moon
Booth Moore
Lisa Morgan
Mary Morris
Ann Mulally
Marty Noonan
Deedy Oberman
David and Marcia Orman
Fabi Oshaneh
Papago Productions
Partnerships to Uplift Communities
Alan Patmore and Shelli Sloane
Linda Pennell
Buddy and Arlene Pepp
Perrin Paris, LLC.
Jeffrey Pipo
Glenn Pomerantz
Jacqueline Pongracic
Lawrence Post
Annalisa Prieto
Marlien Rentmeester
Hilary and Peter Richards
Holland Roden
Tracy Abrams Rosen
Mike Rosenthal
Chudney Ross
Shannon M. and Michael Rotenberg
Laura Brady Saade
Adriana Schmidt
Dusanka and Adalbert Schmidt
Christy Schnabel
Paula Schreider
Alexis Schutzer
Stephanie Booth Shafran and Steve Shafran
Jerry Sher
Kenneth Sherman
Srila Singh
Adam and Andrea Slutske
Albert Smith
Jered Stern
Karen Sun
Agnes and Richard Thaler
Hillary Thomas
Tiffany Tuttle
Narcissa C. Vanderlip-Fuller
Lawrence Wallack
Ping Wang
Whizin Foundation
H. Candis and Hal Williams
Katherine Wilson
Sarah A. Yort
Marian Young
Dilly Zehnder

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the donors listed above, as well as to those who provided gifts from $1–$99, or in-kind and in-memoriam gifts, during the past fiscal year.