Dear Friends,

This past year marked CII’s 110th anniversary, making us one of the largest and most enduring children’s service organizations in Los Angeles. Among the many factors that have made our growth and longevity possible, are the consistent threads of innovation and adaptation to changing social needs.

From offering a safe space for unwed mothers at the turn of the century, to developing a leading-edge integrated service model that has helped define a holistic approach to strengthening families, CII has been and continues to be, at the forefront of our field.

CII’s founder Minnie Barton sparked that spirit of innovation in our earliest days. In 1917, she became the first female probation officer—and only the second female—to be hired by the Los Angeles Police Department. She understood the profound value of prevention services even then. Decades later, early care and education have been proven to be one of the strongest deterrents for criminal behavior and other problems later in life.

As the challenges facing high-risk children and families become more urgent than ever, CII continues Barton’s legacy. We have expanded services to more than 28,000 children and families across Los Angeles, while strengthening our presence in Neighborhoods of Focus, including the historically underserved community of Watts. In addition to providing a unique blend of clinical, early childhood, youth development and family support programs, CII is informing the field through professional training, program research and evaluation, and policy development.

This past year, CII also honored the 35-year-career of former President and Chief Executive Officer Mary Emmons. Mary’s dedication to CII’s mission to serve our city’s most vulnerable children and families has been our guiding light for nearly four decades. We deeply appreciate her extraordinary leadership and vision.

We also wish to thank all of you–our generous donors, support groups, volunteers, community partners and friends–for your continued support of our mission to help children in Los Angeles’s most challenged communities heal from trauma, build resiliency to deal with adversity and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives.

-Martine Singer, President and Chief Executive Officer -Charles P. Diamond, Chairman, Board of Trustees

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    Martine Singer
    President and Chief Executive Officer
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    Charles P. Diamond
    Chairman, Board of Trustees
Martine Singer

Martine Singer
President & CEO

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